July 20, 2024

How does this fit together?

The manufacturers say that their masks don’t protect against viruses
so why do we wear them?

A new Danish study says lockdowns are ineffective
so why do we have to endure them?

It is more likely to get side effects from vaccination than to get corona
why do we need to get vaccinated then?

The human immune system needs contact
wawhy do they force distance on us?

Children need exercise
then why do we need to confine them?

A disease that you have to test to realize you have is not a dangerous disease
then why do we need to be afraid?

Old people need closeness
why force them into isolation?

If the government is interested in our health
then why is no one talking about strengthening our immune system?

The vaccine does not prevent further infection
so why should we get vaccinated?

More deaths from the measures than from Corona
why is no one talking about it?

Critics of the overreaching measures are censored and defamed
Why is the fundamental right of freedom of expression being taken away?

There is no excess mortality worldwide
then why do they still talk about a pandemic?

If the pandemic is so bad
then why were 20 hospitals in Germany closed last year?
And why were thousands of intensive care beds cut?

The government scares us nonstop
Why do we think it has our best interests at heart?

Inform yourself: Corona Committee, Reitschuster.de

Source: “Audio Megaphone” by Alien`s Best Friend.

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